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RELP 378 Technology  and Computer Application for Pastors

EDAD 555 Technology for Leaders
EDTE 717 Computer Technology and the Classroom
and Instructional Computing
EDAD 724 Material and Human Resources Management
EDAD 765 Technology for Leaders
EDIS  800 Management in In Information System in Education
EDTE 829 Instructional Computing and Management Information System

BUAD 600 Management and Information Stystem
BUAD 502 Business Research Methodology
TCED 072 Science and Scientific Innovation

PSYC 302 Industrial Psychology
PSYC 304 Advertising Psychology

MATH 141 Calculus I
MATH 142 Calculus II
PHYS 251 General Physics 1
PHYS 252 General Physics II
MATH 331 Abstract Algebra I
MATH 332 Abstract Algebra II
MATH 465 Numerical Analysis
Intermediate Algebra
MATH 487 Operations Research
MATH 140 Pre-Calculus
MATH 341 Advanced Calculus I
MATH 342 Advanced Calculus II  
STAT 281B Statistical Methods I
MATH 316 Advanced Statistics
Advanced Research  
MATH 365 Complex Variables
MATH 315 Probability and Statistics
MATH 367 Real Analysis
MATH 486 Seminar in Mathematics
MATH 120 Survey of Mathematics

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