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  • Management of Filipino Inventors: A Critical Analysis

    By Prof. Jesse Role PhD TM-Electronics, ChairmanDepartment of Technology, University of Eastern Africa, Baraton

    This study analyzed the critical issues on management of Filipino inventions considering the following areas: policy implementation, motivational strategies, training and development, linkage with industry, patenting of invention, and promotion of intellectual property rights. It examined the problems and difficulties encountered by the Filipino inventors and science and technology institutions on the management of inventions. 


    by Lazarus Ndiku Makewa1 Elizabeth Role2 Faith Otewa

    The study sought to investigate selected parental factors that affect the academic achievement of grade six pupils in Kisumu City in Kenya. The study used a causal comparative research design. Two research instruments were used; questionnaires were administered to the grade six pupils and their parents.

  • ICT in secondary school administration in rural southern Kenya: An educator’s eye on its importance and use

    Lazarus Makewa, Jackson Meremo, Elizabeth Role and Jesse Role
    University of Eastern Africa, Baraton, Kenya

    This study investigated whether there was a significant difference between teachers’ and administrators’ perceptions on the importance of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) in secondary school administration and evaluated the extent to which it was used by administrators. In this study, administrators are those involved in the day to day running of secondary school duties such as: the principal, deputy principal and heads of departments. The researchers used a descriptive-comparative research design to obtain information on the current status of ICT

  • Prevalence of mobile phone use in academic and social life of students and educators

     Lazarus Ndiku Makewa1, Isaac Magaleta2 and Jesse Role1 

    The researcher administered the questionnaires to 30 respondents who comprised four groupings namely, 8 teachers, 20 form four students, 1 head teacher and 1 district education officer. The group was considered representative of the target population. This study investigated the prevalence ofmobile phone use in academic and social life of students and educators in government boarding schools of Shire Highlands Education Division, Southern Malawi. Both descriptive and comparative research designs were used.
  • School Climate and Academic Performance in High and Low Achieving Schools: Nandi Central District, Kenya

    By Prof. Lazarus Ndiku Makewai, Prof. Elizabeth Role, Prof. Jesse Role, Dr. Ernest Yegoh, University of Eastern Africa, Baraton

         This study sought to find out the type of school climates prevailing in all the provincial secondary schools and the school climate differences between the high and low performing provincial secondary schools in Nandi-Central District, Kenya. Causal comparative research design was used where the mean ratings on school climate of 103 teachers of four high and four low performing schools were compared and analysed to establish the extent of differences and their implications. High performing schools recorded a more favourable ecology, milieu, and school culture than the low performing schools.